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Screen Electronics

IBIS (In-Blanking Information System)

CEEFAX teletext combiner

CEEFAX subtitle replay system

CEEFAX live subtitling encoder

Screendata encoder

Screendata decoder


Invision Microsystems

Pont Data PC live video window card

FAXIT fax card for Macintosh

LED screen development

PAXIS, Port of Dover

AV25, Portsmouth International Ferryport

Weighbridges, Port of Dover

AV25, Port of Fishguard

AV25, Port of Holyhead

Devonport Naval Dockyard

Sigma Screen


Eurotunnel Customer Information Systems

Condor Ferries, Poole Harbour Aug 1997

DCM15 video screens, Aston Villa FC

DCM15 video screen, Leeds Utd. FC

DCM10 screen, Trafford Centre

Gearhouse / Optiscreen


Personal projects

Henley Community Centre, 1997

House build, 1999

Technographic Displays

PAXIS full-colour upgrade, 2000

LED architectural lighting, Canary Wharf

Full-colour LED edge-lighting, 2000

ACTIV_Banner, 2000

ITFC rental, 2001

ITFC scoreboards, 2001 - 2002

Chester Races, 2002

Mondial text display, 2002

ACTIV-Banner Jeddah, 2003

Televised UK athletics, 2003 - 2007

Metroscopes, 2003

Madrid Tennis, 2003 - 2007

Broadway Theatre, 2004

Energy Ring, Science Museum, 2004

Arsenal LED perimeter shootout, 2005

Coca-Cola screen playout system, 2005

Sc Heerenveen, 2005

Winston Churchill Museum, 2005

Live 8, 2005

Architectural lighting colour controller, Glasgow, 2005

Fibreplex, 2006

Tech-25, Chelsea Harbour desk, 2006

Emirates Stadium, 2006

Twickenham Stadium, 2006

Ilac Wave, 2006

City Gateway Media, 2006

Glass reception desk, Moscow, 2007

Holyhead, 2007

Fibreplex, 07 (Viewpress TV)

Empire Leicester Square, 2007

Stade des Alps, Grenoble, 2008

Carling Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, 2008 & 2009

Trafford Centre, 2008

Trent Bridge, 2008

ICC World Twenty20 2009 at Trent Bridge

Headingley, 2009

Core Lighting, 2009

Bloids, Science Museum, 2010


Trent Bridge

I will add links to all these projects in due course, so please do check back here soon.

Energy Ring
Arthur in 1997: