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Welcome to my personal web site where you will find a few snippets about my life, both at home and at work - I hope you enjoy browsing the pages.


Photographers will deride my pathetic attempts at creativity, able cyclists will no-doubt pour scorn on my meagre cycling achievements (although I often tell people that I invented mountain biking) and successful businessmen the world over will wonder how someone who has been a business owner or co-owner for over 20 years, with much hard work and many technical successes behind him, can have ended up as a mere consultant!


I would love to hear from any friends with whom I have lost touch over the years (sorry - I am particularly bad at keeping in touch). If you are friend or colleague, past or present, please feel free to leave me a message, but please please please do not use my personal contact details if you don’t know me and you just want to sell me something.





News & Events

Laziness! It’s easier just to post on Facebook these days, but I do aim to update this website in the near future, so check back soon.


Why no recent updates?

Family tree

A few years ago I became interested in tracing my family history. Please see my genealogy pages to find out if we are related.

With the ICC World Twenty20 Cup,

June 2009.

Arthur installed the 83 sqm LED screen at Trent Bridge in 2008.

Completion of the Energy Ring,

Science Museum, London,

June 2004

Early engineering and

health & safety training

Working at the National Indoor Arena,


Trent Bridge
Energy Ring

Latest website update

Devon Coast to Coast

cycle ride, May 2012