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Jayne and I have done some research on our respective families, and the results of this are presented on my genealogy pages. The starting point for the Jackson side of the tree was a family tree drawn by my father in the 1960s or 70s from information he had gathered. Following that, Hardy Baddeley sent me a disc in 1996 with lots more information. I have done some more research through on-line census and BMD records, and also the Lancashire parish records which are available on-line. More recently, I have found some matches on the Genes Reunited website, enabling me to expand my side of the tree enormously with the minimum amount of effort! Many thanks to those contacts - and please do stay in touch.


Jayne had to start from scratch with her tree, and again has made quite a bit of progress through on-line records. She, too, has some matches on Genes Reunited. One day, we hope to be able to carry out some first-hand investigation of parish records, but that might have to wait until our retirement! To date, our full tree contains 5475 individuals in 2,555 families. Currently I have limited the information on the website to my direct ancestors.


More recently, I merged my family into the giant “world” tree on Geni.com, which has 58 million linked profiles (and growing).


Alfred The Great:
33rd great grandfather.
It’s funny to think I used to walk past his statue in Winchester most weekends, never knowing that we were so closely related!
70th great grandfather! (?)
Queen Elizabeth II:
15th cousin once removed.
(So don’t worry, I’m not in line to the thrown)
31st great grandfather
Arf’s ancestry