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LED artwork takes shape in Dublin
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The "Wave", conceived by Siobhan Hapaska and Fiddian Warman, was an LED artwork engineered by Technographic Displays. The piece is installed in the Ilac shopping centre in Dublin.

64 five-metre-long custom extrusions house LED boards to form a full-colour display with a resolution of 64 x 96 pixels. The extrusions are attached to a specially-fabricated aluminium beam which houses the power supplies and data distribution circuits. The beam is suspended by three steel cables so that the display appears to hang in mid-air.

Technographic Displays also supplied a FibrePlex unit to convert moving images (in the form of DVI from a PC) to a fibre optic signal which could be run the 300m from the display control location to the artwork itself.

Technographic Displays designed the extrusions, LED boards, data distribution boards and the FibrePlex converter and all the final assembly work was carried out in-house. The installation work was carried out by Arthur and his colleagues over five nights in December 2006 so as not to disturb the Christmas shoppers.

The 64 extrusions are positioned so that, when viewed from a distance directly in front of the display, images are clearly visible in a square-pixel format. From any other angle, the wave shape means that images become distorted and moving images appear to flow and undulate over the wave.