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Live 8
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The 34 metre long LED banner display above the stage at Live 8 in Hyde Park on 2nd July 2005 was controlled by Technographic's ACTIV-Banner system. The system comprised 42 Unitek MS25 display modules provided by Creative Technology, driven by single ACTIV Banner controller linked to a laptop PC running ACTIV-8.

Quoting from the Mail on Sunday (the following day), "...across the top of the great black stage, flanked by twin golden guitars in the shape of the continent this was all about, ran ticker tape slogans. Make Poverty History. Trade Justice. Drop the Debt. More And Better Aid. They looked as if they were on a breaking news programme. Who's to say one day they won't be".

Arthur worked with Creative Technology and the organisers on the content for the banner, set up the control system in Hyde Park the day before the event and operated the banner system throughout the concert.

Although this was the most straightforward job ever tackled by ACTIV-Banner, it was certainly the most visible, with approximately 200,000 people attending the event in Hyde Park and an estimated 2 billion others watching on television.
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Pink Floyd performing their sound check the night before the Live 8 concert
Arthur’s view of the concert