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Technographic Displays designed and developed all three printed circuit boards forming the basis of a brand new full-colour mains/battery powered lighting product from CORE Lighting:


The LED head board is an optically and thermally efficient design using state-of-the-art high power red, green, blue and white LEDs and colour-mixing lenses, yielding up to 2,500lm.


An intelligent display board with membrane switch interface and WiFi module enables direct control of the lamp from the built-in keypad and display or via the web browser of a mobile telephone or laptop computer.


The main control board provides wired and wireless DMX-512 interfaces, inbuilt colour sequences, super-efficient driving of the LEDs  essential for battery operation and intelligent battery management. The lamps can be set-up as DMX slaves, or one unit can act as a master controlling a whole DMX universe of POINT30 slaves.


As well as designing the circuitry of all three boards, Technographic Displays provided a complete software solution including the firmware for the two on-board microprocessors and the web server for the WiFi module.


CORE POINT30 Outdoor was launched at PLASA 2009, where it was one of the final nominees in the PLASA Innovations Awards. The range of lamps promises to be popular with lighting professionals and rental companies.

Core Lighting
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