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International and domestic athletics
events, 2003 - 2007
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ACTIV-Banner, developed by Technograpic Displays, was used at televised athletic events in the UK from 2003 - 2007:

The very first event was the Norwich Union Grand Prix held at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on Friday 21st February 2003. Two Unitek screens were employed - a 40 square metre screen for live video coverage and 32 square metre screen for the scoreboard. The scoreboard was driven by Technographic Displays' ACTIV-Banner control system, and provided crystal clear text and graphics throughout the event. Technographic Displays developed a live data interface so that results could be updated directly by the Commentators Information System.

The scoreboard made a repeat performance at the Norwich Union World Indoor Trials and AAA Championships on 1st and 2nd March 2003.
ACTIV-Banner scoreboard (left) at the Norwich Union Grand Prix, February 2003
Many positive comments were received about the scoreboard system at the World Indoor Athletics Championships, held at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham from 14th - 16th March 2003. On this occasion, Fast Track commissioned two video screens to flank the scoreboard, providing a total screen area of 112 square metres. Two simultaneous events could be covered by the video screens, with the scoreboard covering a third event or providing in-depth information to supplement the video pictures and audio commentary.

The clarity of text and graphics was startlingly apparent on the scoreboard, which was driven by Technographic's ACTIV-Banner display processor and an ACTIV-8 user interface linked via real-time data to the event database.
ACTIV-Banner scoreboard (centre) at the World Indoor Athletics Championships, March 2003
Fast Track again commissioned Technographic Displays to provide an ACTIV-Banner scoreboard control system at the Norwich Union International meeting at the Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow on 29th June 2003. Screenco provided the Unitek screen, and Arthur  operated the ACTIV-Banner system, which was once again linked to the event database provided by Delta Tre of Itlay.

The system was used again at the Manchester Olympic Trials and a number of other events in 2004.
ACTIV-Banner scoreboard at Norwich Union International, June 2003
ACTIV-Banner scoreboard at Norwich Union Grand Prix, July 2005
In 2006, the system was used for the Norwich Union International in January at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena in February for the Norwich Union Grand Prix, at the Norwich Union Grand Prix at the Gateshead International Stadium in June, and at the European Trials and AAA Championships in Manchester and at the London Grand Prix, Crystal Palace, both in July.
In 2005, ACTIV-Banner was active at the Norwich Union Grand Prix at Birmingham's NIA in February, the Norwich Union World & Commonwealth Trials & AAA Championships in Manchester in July and the Norwich Union London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace, also in July. Arthur Jackson and Simon Rackstraw from Technographic Displays again operated the systems under the direction of event organiser Fast Track.
72 square metre ACTIV-Banner scoreboard (left hand side) at Norwich Union Grand Prix,
June 2006
The system was used for the final time on 27th January 2007 in Glasgow for the Norwich Union International.
Following on from the success of ACTIV-Banner at these events, Technographic Displays developed TechEvent, which was used in conjunction with a new generation of screens at the NIA in February 2007 for the Norwich Union Grand Prix and at the European Athletics Indoor Championships, March 2007.
TechEvent scoreboard (left) operated by Arthur on
17th January 2007